What follows is the first piece of music to make it to the pages of As per usual (lately), it's something of a genre exercise, though I am not sure what the genre is. Those who notice that there is a large gap in the middle of the song might realize that this is nowhere close to being a "finished" version of anything. I'm just posting it so that I am forced–due to my pact with my virtual readership–to finish this and then to make more stuff. Also, I want a female voice in this middle section, and I'm waiting on certain somebodies to make themselves available.

As I am in Montreal, I must give props to Mikey-Mike, proud proprietor of and All was recorded on his equipment, and he was also kind enough to lend his voice and uke to the track. Maybe there will be more in the coming days / weeks. I sure hope so. The more we get busy, the busier we get. And that is a good.

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