Two more numbers to throw at my pile of demonstration material. The first–a cover of the very arguable N.E.R.D. classic “She Wants to Move”–was actually recorded last; while the second, a little ditty that reminds me (however incorrectly) of skiffle music (however incorrectly) called “Brazil,” which was actually recorded on the old four-track player in December, right before I left for Montréal and recorded all that other stuff. So in a way, this is something of a return home for my demo making.

And since I made both of these things myself, in Somerville, MA, on at least partially on my old trusty but rusty four-track recorder, they probably sound a lot worse than any of the other stuff that I previously posted–in terms of sound quality and volume, that is. The “Brazil” one is simple enough, and it’s only 4 tracks, so I think each discrete element will be clear. But “She Wants to Move” is a hot mess, albeit a loving one, recorded on two different devices and sung in a whisper, so as to not “disturb” the cranky lady downstairs. Whatever. It is what it is, and the chords are lovely, and there’s a lot of guitar playing. One day I’ll learn how to sing too.
Props to Anita for letting me use her new computer to get these things up and running, and props to my daily walks to campus for reminding me of how great “She Wants to Move Is” and how close it is to a certain facet of my smooth soul/jazz rock/hip-hop fusion ambitions, despite the ridiculousness of the vocals and lyrics, which have always been N.E.R.D.’s biggest failings. Whatever, the music is gorgeous, and I think I’ve done it justice in my uglification of it!

(Song by Hugo and  Williams;  All instruments performed by WRG)

(Song written and performed by WRG, just like everything else on this website, minus the remixes)

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