With great pleasure, I am able to say that I've been crankin' out the poesy here on www.urbansonnets.com for a full, whole, entire year! I'm averaging over a post every two days, which is truly something I would have never expected. 

In commemoration of what is a massive personal milestone, I have published an e-book for Kindle called Oasis of the Sea: Sint Maarten Sonnets, which includes every single sonnet that I wrote on that island during my five-week stay there in June/July. You can check that out here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0042ANYHK

I have many people that I can thank, but I will take this space to only give props to one: my 10th grade English teacher, Mr. Hudak, who introduced me to creative writing via the sonnet. It was also through Mr. Hudak that I first read Dante, Hugo and Cervantes, and through whom I learned that clever insubordination was often more educational than shutting up and doing what I was told. This is a highly-valuable lesson that I'm still trying to unlearn, but only half-heartedly. Whatever happens to me and to these "Urban Sonnets," Mr. Hudak will prove to have been instrumental in painting this egg that will eventually hatch. For that, I give bottomless thanks from the depths of my linguistic and sentimental stores.

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