Yo soy romero; trabajo, trabajo

pa cosechar mi flecha, en arco, en arco.

Silence in the court! Listen to me sport
my science; though I'm not in alliance
with any scions of the royal sort,
my words fire, my folk two lions:
With a crown under my hair, I dare you
to scalp me: the knowledge will float away
on sunsoaked leaves that would rather wear you
than be worn, torn and shorn of their gainsay:
I play darts, checkers, but also chess with
two fists full of pebbles that shine and heal
or define and kill, depending — Guess which
game is destined for you? I am true steel:
In moments of pressure I hop around
and infuse the air with a minty sound.

Yo soy marinero; trabajo, trabajo

pa ahogar mi derecho, en barco, en barco.

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