A smattering of Old Jams (All things written and recorded by WRG)

The sun and my recent jamming has reminded me of the fact that music trumps all in my heart and mind. Even the sonnets that give a title to this website have their origin in my fundamental love of rhytmic order that is marr(i)ed to lyrical language. In any case, with these things in mind, I decided to unearth a few songs that I wrote and/or recorded years ago, in a past that I need to come to terms with, if not at least partially return to. 

There is a decided dearth of creative inspiration in my day-to-day life, and I'm always looking backwards instead of forwards to find a spark. This is quite possibly flawed, but it is what it is. I produced a whole lot more back then, and production is key.

Anyhow, here's a brief rundown of the material.

1) "Devil's Dozens": Written and recorded in Fort Greene, Brooklyn in the fall of 2005, this is just wordplay. Since I come from a partially African-American tradition of wordplay, I decided to call it "Devil's Dozens." I remember being happy with the high drone thing that's going on here.

2) "Colours": Also written in Fort Greene in the fall of 2005, this song forms a sequence with "Jubilee," which follows it. I was re-reading The Divine Commedy at this time, and I thought it'd be nice to write a song about Inferno. This is it, though the ending section (the coda?) represents a move up into Purgatory which is voiced by…

3) "Jubilee": Named after specific years when anyone could go to Rome and get hooked-up with a new, blank slate for a-sinnin', this song is vaguely about Purgatory. I mention Lethe, I think, and Matilde, which figure prominently in Dante's Purgatorio. The ending (coda?) of this one represents the ascent into Paradise. I never wrote the Paradise song, but we can say that…

4) "Feminine Wilds": Sort of represents the wide-eyed (self-?)satisfaction of paradisiacal wonderment. Who knows? I wrote this in Buenos Aires, Argentina, sometime in early 2005, on a dilapidated acoustic guitar which sounds dignified.

NOTE: All of these songs were recorded directly into a macbook microphone and then tinkered with in Garage Band. This is why they sound bad. "Colours" and "Jubilee" use the same drum loop because they go together!

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