WRG also does more obviously “black” music sometimes!

1) Provisionally called "Third-Eye Blind" because it's about the third eye. I wrote this after hearing Amy Winehouse "rockify" basic soul stuff, and I decided to write something in that vein for a female singer. Here's the e-mail I sent to a friend after I wrote and recorded this: 
So here's what one "Mark and Stormy" spat out of me [Note. It was actually rye whiskey, not Maker's Mark, that I mixed with the Ginger Beer]. This was recorded using a computer's internal mic on garage band, so excuse the "room noise". Better recording equipment will be saved for better singers, I hope. A few days might see more parts and/or verses added. I just had to get the basics "down" before I forgot it. I'll let you figure out what the central metaphor is. Good night.

With a smile and a smell of true hope
I turn to you
My wandering eye has finally turned inward
I know just what to do

In profile, or even in in dreams,
I turn to you
But you're blind to my truest visions,
Why's your eyes askew?

I wonder why my wandering eye could catch you
but now you won't scope me out
I see your dreams in our history
but you've only got one trick: you can see through me

So I cry to cleanse out my dreams
I envision what I could be
If you just tried to see with your two eyes
and not look from one to three

I wonder why my wandering eye could pin you down
but you can't look me up
I see your dreams in our history
and you've got one trick: you turned your gaze from me

2) "Deja Vu": A rap inspired by Ghostface's Pretty Toney Album Advance Mixtape, since that's where he had all those songs where he's just rapping over actual songs – no sample, no nothing; just rapping over whatever's there. I decided to do this over a classic rock track, the name of which will not be mentioned. I cheekily got some of these lyrics published in a Harvard grad student literary mag, along with a mis-translation of a nonsense song that I wrote for my Catalan class!

3) "The Koala Song": Based on my rediscovery of the anime cartoon Noozles about time/space-traveling koalas and Koala Walla Land and what not. I ripped the theme song for the chorus. I never recorded a satisfactory version of this, but it will always be a personal favorite.

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